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Over the past 20 years StoneHhall Roofing has built an exception reputation in the Tri-State area for commercial roofing. The most common solution for many commercial buildings is the flat roof or sloping roof. Stonehall Roofing has the ability to adapt to your building needs and has the essential industry knowledge to advise on the type of roof most suited to your needs. Flat roofs can pose a lot of challenges for commercial property owners and likewise for roofing contractors. Over time the ability of your commercial roof to withstand the extremes of New York temperatures will be put to the test more than roofs in any other state in the country. Stonehall Roofing applies a time tested strategy from skills that we have honed over the years to allow us to install to industry specific standards an effective roofing system that will safeguards your property, your inventory and your employees. We also aim to give you a warranty that will prevent the need for a reroof in 10 or 20 years to come. Whether it’s a re-roof or a new commercial project or large commercial roof repair, Stonehall Roofing has the experience and craftsmanship that you are looking for. Most importantly Stonehall Roofing has the Industry Certifications to back it up and a long list of commercial clients that continue to reccomend us stand by our work. At Stonehall Roofing we offer many different products for a variety of commercial roofing applications. Our experience and work with the manufacturers allows us to extend the warranties on roofs that will withstand time and will ensure that when you are choosing a roofing system you make the right choice. Here are a few of the Flat roofing systems that we work with: Built-Up Roofing/Modified Bitumen Commonly referred to as BUR, Built up roofing has been used in the US for over 100 years. These highly durable roofing systems also known as ‘tar and gravels roofs create a finished membrane that is composed of layer of bitumen and fabrics to reinforce it. Roofers commonly talk about the number of plies that exist in a cross section of the roof: the roofing term ‘four plies refers to the four ply roof membrane construction. These roofs are normally composed of a base sheet that is mechanically fastened. Single Ply Roofing System These types of roofs are for customers looking to cover a large surface area, usually a warehouse or factory. In these cases the single ply roof may be the best option. Zito has a lot of experience in applying single ply roofs that can be installed economically and effectively and at modest cost.These types of roofs also reflect the sun helping to conserve energy during the summer months. Single ply roofs can include EPDM, PVC and TPO. What is EPDM? EPDM is short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, asingle ply roofing system that has been around since the 1960’s. This is an inexpensive roofing system that is easy to install. It does not have odors and fumes that is normally associated with built up roofs which is a reason that many commercial owners and property managers choose this type of roof. EPDM show a lot of flexibility throughout their life span and are highly durable exhibiting extreme durability throughout all types of weather. They are applied in the three different ways : they can be fully adhered, loose laid or mechanically fastened. TPO is short Thermoplastic Olefin or Polyolefin, a roofing system that is designed to show durability and has the added feature of weldable seams. TPO membranes are normally white yet can now be installed in a variety of different colors. They conme fully adhered, ballsted or mechanically fastened. They are: Tear resistant and resistant to punctures and impacts They show high flexibility in the case of building movement. They are algae resistant. Safe to install If offers ease of installation and is inexpensive to repair. Metal – Sheet fabricated metal We work with the most reputable sheet metal manufacturers in NYS to provide us the flexibility to customize materials and have more control over costs. Sheet metal roofs are highly durable and come in many different materials and colors that can be matched to the commercial customers specifications. Liquid Applied Membrane is a process of applying liquid roofing membrane to create a watertight seal. . Layers of liquid are applied to create a membrane that is watertight. This is a cost effective roofing solution for new isntallations or repair expecially where there is no real need for reflectivity or insulation. Tile/Slate Roofs are one of Zito and Expertise Inc’s installations that we are most known for, largely due to the fact that many new roofing companies never learned this type of installation. Our ability to source slate and tile materials at lower costs mean sthat we can install cost effective highy durable roofs. . SLOPED ROOFING SOLUTIONS Shingle We are a GAF certified installer having installed more than 200 Shingle roofs over the years. These roof are are reinforced using organic and sometimes fiberglass materials. In the past asphalt shingles were reinforced using organic felts but nowadays , fiberglass-reinforced products have dominated the industry. Tile The use Clay and concrete tile a roofing material is very effective. They are many options available here and we are always best to inspect your present roofing system. It is also important that we need to ensure that your commercial structure can support the load. Asphalt Shingles This method has the largest market share in the roofing industry today. Fiberglass Shingles These are composed of a fiberglass mat and then top-and-bottom layers of asphalt and mineral granules. Ready to discuss a new roofing sytem? Call Stonehall Roofing today and schedule your free estimate. CALL US ON (347) 942-2682

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