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If you are in the Queens or Long Island area and are looking for Quality Professional Roof Repair or Roof Replacement near me, then you came to the correct place. We serve the Queens/Long Island area, some of NYC and Brooklyn and Staten Island. We perform Roof Replacements, Roof Inspections, and Roof Repair. If you are a home or business owner and have had Roof damage from Rain, Strong Winds, Storms, Hail Damage, or Branches, give us a call or contact us with our quote form and we can help you with your roof problems. We can come out and do an Inspection of your roof and a consultation to see what we can do for your particular situation. Picture We always take great pride in serving the Queens and Long Island area. We have multiple crews so we can work effectively, professionally, and put the right people in the right places for each individual project. Our Helpful crews are here to help with you any questions and to help your roof get fixed the correct way. We truly try to set ourselves apart from other roofing companies out there and we truly take a customer first Approach with our business. We always have a strong commitment to do top quality work and craftsmanship. We always try to cater our services to what our customers need and make sure we do the job correctly and get it done right the first time. Our Trained and experienced crew have always put the customers first. We understand that repairing or installing a roof on your home is an investment and that different customers have different preferences that are requested. We carry out our all services with only your best interest in mind. We are happy to come to your home or business for a roof inspection and give you an estimate on any roof installation or roof repair that you may need.

 We are here to help with all your roof and shingles needs. There are many things to check out closely when inspecting a roof. There are many things that can cause damage to roofs, such as trees falling, rain, wind, hail, branches and of course just old age. If you have a lot of storm damage it may be time for a replacement. Give us a call and let us come out and do an full inspection and estimate if you need work done.

We realize your time is obviously important, and we take every step in completing projects quickly and precisely. Our teams are knowledgeable with all roof types, coating, sealants, or other materials that are necessary for different applications. Contact us today and we can come do an inspection all the way to the final checklist, to see if you have any issues with our roof that you may not be aware of. We know and understand the value a properly working roof can offer with any assets you have. Especially, since they help protect our biggest assets ...our family. If your home or business has recently been in bad storms, high winds, hail, or extreme cold, that can cause some major damage to your roofing. Give us a call today and we can come out and do a proper inspection on your roof. 

If you have any questions about any of our services please contact us. Services such as: 

  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Replacement 
  • Residential Roofing Repair 
  • Commercial Roofing 
  • Strom Damage
  •  Asphalt Shingles 
  • Metal Shingles
  • Just want to talk to a real person? We're here to help!

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